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Know your budget? We have taken the work out of searching for the perfect South America tour package. A South America tour is the perfect way to experience all this country has to offer. An escorted tour package includes your accommodations, services of a guide, transfers, most meals, incredible sightseeing and all the details are handled for you. Save up to 40% off the price of trying to visit all the cities on your own. Browse through our incredible selection of South America escorted tours. The possibilities are endless as we have included many travel itineraries to suit your desires and your budget.

As one of the largest sellers of tours and tour vacations, we are able to offer you unbeatable prices and value. Once you have picked your favorite tour, please call our tour experts 1-800-942-3301 to book your tour vacation. Atlas offers you the best selection of tours at incredible prices.

G Adventures

There's a side to South America that's right for each traveler... Rainforests, Amazon, Land of the Incas, Peaks of Patagonia, Intoxicating Cities. Time of your life waits for you here!


2017 Escorted South America Tours

There's a side to South America that's right for each traveler... Rainforests, Amazon, Land of the Incas, Peaks of Patagonia, Intoxicating Cities. Time of your life waits for you here!


Escorted Argentina Tours

As the second largest country in South America and the eighth largest country in the world, Argentina has plenty of hype to live up to; but of course Argentina surpasses it all with gracious style. Home to the ‘Paris of South America’, Buenos Aires, Argentina is a country famed for its passion and pride.

Sprawling away from the Atlantic Ocean in the East, Argentina’s portion of South America amasses the continent’s typically contrasting climates and landscapes. In the extreme northeast is the dense jungle, creeping with jaguar, capybara and caiman, which is glaringly different to the endlessly stretching plateau of Patagonia. Compare this barren backdrop to the craggy contours of the Andes Mountains along the Western border with Chile. The highest mountain after the Himalayas, the Aconcagua, lives here. From the vast Lake District to the roaring Iguassu Falls and swiftly back to the cooler climates of Patagonia’s glaciers or the roasting Andean desert, you’ll find Argentina awe-inspiring.


Trafalgar 2017 South America Tours

South America, a continent filled with all sorts of wonders, beginning with the people, followed by their culture, and last but not least their marvelous landscapes... Trafalgar, one of the largest and reputable travel companies in the world provides travelers with the best service not to mention opportunities to see all South America has to offer through their world renowned itineraries.

You'll get to experience some of the world's natural phenomenons such as The Amazon Rain Forest, The Andes Mountains, Galapagos, Iguacu Falls, and Machu Picchu.


Escorted Brazil Tours

If you’re lucky enough to visit Brazil - which covers nearly half of South America - you’re in for a visual, cultural and historical experience of a lifetime. Home of the Amazon Rainforest, upbeat Samba music and Rio de Janeiro's famous beaches and carnival, Brazil's enormous heart will win you over in no time.

Brazil is a perfect painting of white sandy beaches lined with palm trees, staggering mountains, vast canyons and powerful rivers. Tijuca forest offers wildlife aficionados a chance to spot unusual species as does a trip to the emerald Amazon Rainforest.  No trip to Rio de Janeiro would be complete without a full day lolling on the infamous beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana, which are perfect for strutting along as you admire the nearby tropical islands.

Of course Rio isn’t just famed for its history or landscapes - we’ve all heard about the carnival! See the Sambadrome where the ‘greatest show on earth’ takes place and watch out for the colourful folklore, jewellery, arts and crafts for sale along the beaches and back streets which echo the momentous rainbow occasion which takes place every year.

Taking the cog-train up Corcovado Mountain, where the huge statue of Christ the Redeemer stands. On your way back down, look out for Candelaria Church, Saint Sebastian Cathedral or the Lapa Arches for a glimpse of colonial architectural history.


Escorted Chile Tours

Because Chile is the longest country in the world, it’s not much of a stretch to say that you’ve “seen it all” once you’ve explored the many landscapes along its 4,000-mile coastline. The north contains the driest desert in the world while the south is home to remarkable glaciers and fjords, and in between lies a quintessential South American adventure experience.

The modern capital city of Santiago is completely surrounded by the Andes Mountains, but it basks in a Mediterranean climate and a very European sensibility with large boulevards, sidewalk cafes and an impressive jazz scene. If you want to stretch your legs a little, take a tour of a vineyard in the winegrowing valleys that surround Santiago, or take on the Andes directly with unforgettable hiking and climbing.

Punta Arenas, the world's southernmost major city, lies in Tierra del Fuego – a series of islands and straits in Chile’s southern tip. Much of the city is opulent with historic mansions, the result of past gold rushes, but penguin and whale colonies also make it their home. The nearby Magellan Forest Reserve promises good hiking and biking, plus great views of the Strait of Magellan, where the Atlantic meets the Pacific.


Escorted Galapagos Tours and Cruises 2017

As you head out to the Galápagos Islands, prepare yourself for some of the most unique wildlife viewing in the world – the islands are legendary and it’s best to see them by exploring the major archipelagos by yacht or overnight cruise ships. Sail through azure waters while you follow the inspiration of Darwin’s theories and the thousands of fascinating creatures special to each island. Bartolomé Island and Sulivan Bay on Santiago Island are both named after Bartholomew James Sulivan, a lifelong friend of Darwin’s and Lieutenant during his time of research aboard the MS Beagle. Santiago is home to the only equatorial wild penguin in the world. On the Island of North Seymour, you can catch sight of the blue-footed boobies moving about the landscape, picking up their turquoise flapping feet in a sort of comical dance. This island also hosts a large number of frigatebirds, magnificent and massive – dominators of the bird species in the Galápagos. Observing Darwin’s history and his studies is an interesting part of visiting the islands. On Santa Cruz, you can visit the Charles Darwin Research Station – the perfect opportunity to discover more about a number of tortoise species that have been protected here. The Island of San Cristóbal, where Charles Darwin first laid foot in the Galápagos, hosts red and blue-footed boobies, sea lions, marine iguanas, dolphins, and the Chatham lava lizard, endemic only to the Galápagos. Santa Fé Island is one of the best places to stop and get in the water for a little snorkeling, as the sea turtles are abundant and the waters, clear. Your time in the Galápagos will be an endless concert of fascinating wildlife, mingling with their surroundings, the challenges they face, delicate ecosystems, and natural wonders at every turn. The “blogosphere” will be bursting with stories of all the splendors you’ve seen cruising around this equatorial wonder of the world.

Packed in a relatively small part of South America, Ecuador is one of the most diverse and fascinating destinations in the world. Adventure, cuisine, culture, wildlife, biological hot spots and fun sit in waiting on the Pacific Coast, hovering over the equator, dominated by the Andes, graced with deeply captivating forests to the north and east, and glistening waters to the west. Ecuador is a perfect taste of some of the best of South America.


Escorted Peru Tours and Vacations

There are hundreds of reasons to visit Peru. Among them are the epic scenery, the people of Peru who still channel the spirit of the ancient Inca civilization, the coastal areas and Ballestas Islands where you can see penguins, sea lions, and exotic birds, Peruvian cuisine – some of the most exotic, flavorful and adventurous in the world – the varied landscapes from dry desert to ocean to the snow-capped Andes, and Peru’s Amazon contains some of the most unique forms of wildlife; its densely-packed rainforest holds adventure and visions you could not imagine. But it comes as no surprise that the top reason to visit Peru is the captivating and mysterious Machu Picchu. From the capital Lima to the ancient Inca ruins and the ever-puzzling Nazca Lines, where ancient markings – drawings of animals and geometric figures – remain mysteriously etched in the soil and stretching up to 1,000 feet long.


Amazon Cruises and Guided Trips

The Amazon is a river system from Peru and Ecuador that flows down from the Andres into the northeastern Amazon lowlands.  Most trips to the Amazon involve either independent or volunteer travel, or cruises along the Upper Amazon along the Ucayali and Maranon rivers meet.  This area is a dynamic eco-system. South America's Amazon Jungle is a feast for the senses making it possible to immerse yourself onboard while taking in all the colors and culture of the region. The difference between cruising onboard a smaller traditional-style river boat over a ship is that smaller vessel will delve deeper into the amazon as opposed to only Manaus. On an Amzon Jungle cruise, you'll see plenty monkeys, exotic birds, sloths and other mammals. Float along narrow streams while being wrapped by density of the trees that can block out the sunshine in some areas. In this ecological age we live in, taking a trip into the amazon could not be more relevant.


First Class South America Tours

First class tours are best suited for the traveler who wishes to have more of the activities preplanned and prepaid and includes more meals in the tour cost. When you travel on a first class tour of South America you'll simply get more - you get more selection, included features, quality hotels, experience and more value. Experience South America on an escorted tour. Escorted travel allows you to have plenty of time to explore on your own and experience a destination without worrying about the travel details such as transfers, transportation and hotels.


Deluxe South America Tours

Deluxe Tours offer the discerning traveler the opportunity to partake of an escorted tour that is not your usual tour. Deluxe tours offer smaller, quaint lodging that has modern features, including most if not all meals at fine restaurants. Deluxe tours offer inclusive sightseeing and features that are not available on the first class tour. On a deluxe tour you will experience a tour like you imagine in your dreams. These Deluxe South American escorted tours boast some of the world's most outstanding natural and archaeological wonders. Whether you visit Chile, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador or Brazil you're sure to find an unforgettable vacation with lifetime memories!


South America Independent Vacations

It's no problem to travel on your own,but when you are going to a foreign country and perhaps don't speak the language, why not have the benefits of a package that is set up for you with all you need: hotels, breakfast daily, 1/2 day of sightseeing and transportation between cities.  You also get something you may or may not need, which is a local host that can help you with anything from restaurant recommendations to shopping and additional sightseeing.  You may not need it, but you have piece of mind knowing the assistance is there if you do.


Budget South America Tours

Budget Tours allow you to experience a destination without worrying about the travel details such as transfers, hotels, meals and much more. You will have plenty of free time to explore on your own and you will benefit from having a Tour Director. The budget tour is best suited to the traveler who wishes to have a good basic introduction to visiting South America. Explore South America, its beauty and culture on any of these escorted budget tours. Buying your South America Tour gives you peace of mind because you prepay for your trip and save up to 40% off the cost of traveling the same itinerary on your own. With Cosmos South America Tours looming on the horizon with a bevy of 2015 itineraries ready to be booked, you'll be able to see what South America has to offer for less.

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